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  • 2013 Victory Cross Country

    2013 Victory Cross Country $18,999.00

    $18,999.00 - Gloss Black, Sunset Red, Suede Nuclear Sunset, Antifreeze Green

    Want to stack this bold bagger up against every other bike in its category? Do it. For all-out riders,...

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  • 2013 Victory Cross Country Tour

    2013 Victory Cross Country Tour $21,999.00

    $21,999.00 - Gloss Black, Boardwalk Blue, Bronze Mist, Sunset Red

    For the riders who churn out the miles on week-long trips all over the nation, this is the new...

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  • 2013 Victory Cross Roads Classic

    2013 Victory Cross Roads Classic $17,999.00

    $17,999.00 - Two-tone Burgundy / Khaki with Graphics

    With modern-day performance and classic design, this bike turns as many heads as it does miles. Innovative and stylish...

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  • 2013 Victory Hammer 8-Ball

    2013 Victory Hammer 8-Ball $14,499.00

    $14,499.00 - Gloss Black

    The street-dominating muscle cruiser is blacked-out to create a powerful, understated presence. It delivers pavement-churning power and has a...

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  • 2013 Victory Hard-Ball

    2013 Victory Hard-Ball $18,999.00

    $18,999.00 - Suede Black with Red Pinstriping

    Cloaked in darkness, the new blacked-out bagger takes over the road in style. No chrome. All attitude. And enough...

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  • 2013 Victory High-Ball

    2013 Victory High-Ball $14,499.00

    $14,499.00 - Suede Black with graphics

    Few bikes get unveiled to such an overwhelming response. Riders flocked to this bobber-spirited, high-performance cruiser with as much...

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  • 2013 Victory Jackpot

    2013 Victory Jackpot $18,499.00

    $18,499.00 - Orange Madness with Extreme Graphics

    A work of art on two wheels. It rolls off the assembly line with a style like nothing else...

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  • 2013 Victory Judge

    2013 Victory Judge $13,999.00

    $13,999.00 - Gloss Black, Gloss Sunset Red, Suede Nuclear Sunset

    American muscle never died. It just needed handlebars. The Judge rumbles forth from a time when nothing subtle ever...

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  • 2013 Victory Vegas 8-Ball

    2013 Victory Vegas 8-Ball $12,499.00

    $12,499.00 - Gloss Black

    The most popular custom cruiser in Victory history gets the blacked-out treatment that makes it a stealthy, understated gem....

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  • 2013 Victory Vision Tour

    2013 Victory Vision Tour $20,999.00

    $20,999.00 - Gloss Black, Two-tone Gold Mist Metallic / Bronze Mist, Two-tone Sunset Red / Black with Black Carbon graphics

    No touring bike on the road makes a journey more effortless. Built exclusively to meet the demands of both...

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